stop saying you accept a queer person’s “life choices”

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So, you know how some Nicki Minaj fans don’t know why we hate her?


Also, she said misandry isn’t real

So, basically, fuck her.



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the goal is to love myself so much it offends other people


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I stand with Bundy. Do you?

Please follow your aunt on Facebook and Twitter.


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kpop actually stands for kony pop bc its needed to be stopped since 2012

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never has a gif set described my entire life so perfectly

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like really how do you not know that anti-blackness is a worldwide thing?

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i think about this video almost every day and i am so frightened of it

Holy hell

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Social Justice Warriors[SJWs] are the new cancer of the internet. They’re a bunch of college-age, American-centric, special snowflakes, who feel the need to dictate anything and everything like self-entitled asshole’s.

Who gave you the position of being the internet police?
Who gave you the right to decide what words are acceptable or unacceptable to use?

Who gave you the right to judge someone’s comedy or content as bad and take it away?

Who gave you the right to constrict someone’s creativity(writing, art), because you think that it’s “problematic”?

To add to that, sjws are the most racist shitholes I’ve ever seen.

You complain about racism all the time, yet you’re the one’s who look at nothing but skin color. It doesn’t matter if a character is intelligent, strong-willed, kind, or helpful. If they’re white you automatically peg them as the devil. Lupita Nyong’o won an oscar for best supporting actress and ALL I saw was people being “so happy that a woman of color won the award”. Because it didn’t matter if Lupita was incredibly talented and nailed the shit out of that role, all you assholes focused on was her skin color.

You reduce everyone down to their sexuality or race or gender, without giving a crap about someone’s actual personality or character.

You lump everyone who isn’t white into a single category(POC).

I’d rather be identified by my race, and along with that it’s heritage, and culture, rather than be called 3 ambiguous letters or words. Do you know how ridiculously offensive it is to call a person someone “of color”? Like we’re somehow different from people who are white? Like we need our own tag to segregate us from white people? YOU ARE MOVING SOCIETY BACKWARDS WITH THIS KIND OF SHIT. 

Racism against white people exists; not in the West, but in other parts of the world. White people are not the majority everywhere. You think the world evolves around America? You think every place is as diverse as America? 

Go to Africa. Go to the Middle East. Fuck, go to parts of Asia. Open a history book maybe. SJW’s are actually trying to call Irish people POC, when they are WHITE AS SNOW because they can’t stand the fact that white people have been oppressed in history.

POC’s can be racist against other POC’s. My Arabian boss hates Asians. My black grandfather doesn’t like Mexicans. 

White people are not Satan reincarnated. POC’s are not angels. Get that through your fucking head.

And stop STOP STOP speaking for other races! You’re only making yourself look stupid and like your suffering from an extreme case of white guilt.

Stop trying to pick apart every TV show/song/movie and look for thing you might deem “problematic”.

Go outside.

Get some air.

Stay off the internet.

Talk to actual people. Because most of you have barely any real-world experience and you will be eaten alive with your ridiculous ideologies.

And before anyone says “Well not all sjw’s are like that”, I am going off of the majority of sjws on tumblr. And if I’ve learned anything from sjw’s, it’s that it’s totally fine to judge and generalize the majority. 

( The fact that I have to say that I am a black girl to avoid getting bombarded with comments like “white cishet” just shows how appalling your “movement” has become. )

I don’t think anyone can effectively argue against this person.

That last part though….

SJWs effectively mutated in to a self imploding meme.


1. Anyone who really cares about social justice and things like racism, sexism, and homophobia know that it’s not just white people who perpetuate bigotry.

2. While the whole “racism can’t happen against white people” school of thought is generally specific to the US and Europe and etc., that doesn’t discount the fact that Eurocentric beauty ideals are rampant across the world and not just in countries where the majority of the population is white. see: skin bleach’s popularity in Africa, see also: colorism in South Korea (this also plays into the people of color perpetuating racism that I mentioned)

3. Anyone who cares about social justice and is worth their salt isn’t going to try to say something as blatantly wrong as “Irish people are POC”

4. The reason people were making such a big deal out of Lupita Nyong’o being a black woman who won an Oscar is because black women have rarely won Oscars, and it’s not because the white women just had better performances.

5. If you pay attention, it’s never been about reducing people down to their skin color or sexuality when it comes to social justice. It’s about how the whole “colorblindness” and “we’re all people” thing erases the experiences of people who aren’t white, cis, or heterosexual. It’s about how if you preach colorblindness you ignore the fact that being a white American is completely different from being a black American, or an Asian or Middle Eastern, or Latin@ American. And this holds true in other countries, too. You can say you don’t see someone for their skin color or that you don’t judge them based off of it or whatever it is, but that doesn’t change the fact that their skin color plays a huge role in how society views and treats them (and this applies to sexuality and gender identity and disability and class). 

6. None of what I said means that there aren’t people who call themselves social justice warriors and are still shitty people. It just means there’s a difference between jumping on a bandwagon or w/e and people who are actually speaking up about these issues because it actually affects their fucking lives.

TL;DR: social justice isn’t just about being the “internet police” it’s about calling out people for their bigoted bullshit

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I wanted to reblog pictures of David Chang but there are none in his tag and I am sad now but at least I can read about him in the tag

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David Chang is a cutie

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The obvious solution to our problem is to kidnap Michael Jordan

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